Providing Online Benefits Management Services since 1997

Providing Online Benefits Management Services since 1997...

Maximum flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy

Maximum flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy!

Significant cost savings for Employers large and small

Significant cost savings for Employers large and small.

Access the most extensive network of Carriers and Health Service providers

Access the most extensive network of Carriers and Health Service providers.

We are the premier Online Benefits Management solution

We are the premier Online Benefits Management solution...


BISNet empowers employers with online benefits enrollment, administration, and simple transactions for streamlined management of employee benefits. Our main product, the BISNet Online Employee Benefits System is a Web-based solution for the automation of benefits enrollment, administration, management, and carrier communications.

We also offer the BISNet Premium Billing and Reconciliation service, which is an automated approach to the reconciliation of premium billings by comparing data at points in time while illustrating premium differences resulting from new hires, terminations, coverage status changes, and associated retroactive activities.

Our company also provides EDI Clearinghouse, a data transfer/translation service that takes a single data stream of eligibility information data feed from the HRIS of the employer group regarding employee eligibility and transfers the appropriate parts of the data to the various vendors the employer is working with. We also offer a Stock Purchase Plan (SPP) module that enables employees to purchase stock of the company through BISNet, allowing employees to adjust their purchase/deduction amount, and opt in or opt out as allowed by the plan rules.

In addition, BISNet offers a complete Agency Client Management System. This is a benefits administration and enrollment tool for agencies and brokerages to manage client (employer) census data, enable administrative functionality at the agency and employer level, as well as enable employee self-service for benefits communications, enrollment, and life event changes. Our products help employer groups, brokers, agents, consultants, third party administrators (TPAs), and carriers to provide their clients and employees with a web-based platform for education, communication, and information exchange.

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BISNet for Carriers and TPA's

We provide Insurance Carriers and TPA's comprehensive, automated solutions, benefits enrollment and management tools, improved efficiencies, and reduced expenses.
Brokers, Advisors, Consultants
BISNet for Advisors

BISNet can provide the independent expertise needed to assist advisors and their clients in creating a complete benefits package, focusing on controlling costs and the overall benefits package.
BISNet for Employers

BISNet has created a unique, transparent and unbiased, paperless administration system that provides employers with a Unified Point of Service platform which solves a multitude of business needs.


BISNet enhances an Employer's risk management, with regard to their benefits offering, by tracking participant eligibility electronically, capturing accurate enrollment elections, communicating participant enrollments to vendors via EDI (electronic data interfaces), and uploading correct deduction amounts to payroll.

The Online Employee Benefits System® (OEBS) includes the following features:

• Employee self-service (ESS) for employee electronic enrollment and administration of thei records as allowed by their employer.
• HR self-service (HRSS) for administrative use of the OEBS for billing, reconciliation, reporting, approving or declining transactions, managing employee benefit records, etc.
• Integrates with employee portal.
• Integrates with HR Portal.
• Communicates with human resource information systems (HRIS) via electronic interface.
• Employee benefits details uploaded electronically to employer's payroll system.
• Electronic communication of employee and dependent eligibility to carriers and third party administrators (TPA).
• Custom educational and fulfillment materials available (quoted separately).

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Tiered Administrative Access

For large group clients that may have a complex corporate structure, BISNet has the ability to set-up the employer as a “Holding Company.” The second level can be any number of corporate entities, subsidiary companies, divisions, departments and their locations. The third level is comprised of the employees with their location, class, division, etc. (“system hierarchy” below). This enables the company to treat multiple subsidiary companies or other corporate entities independently, and / or roll-up to the holding company for consolidated reporting, including consolidated billing functions. Additionally, BISNet simplifies the renewal process by providing the administrator and/or adviser access to all plan and census data. All data is sent to the carriers electronically so obtaining quotes is easy for brokers, and carriers or third-party administrators (TPA’s).

1201 Elm Street, Suite 1600
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