Our History

How it all started...

BISNet™ was founded in 1997 by benefits marketing professionals. BISNet’s approach helps employers reduce the cost of benefits administration, better communicate current and future benefits, increase benefits offerings and have them paid for via payroll deduction. BISNet is not licensed to transact insurance or financial services business, we facilitate it simply and efficiently.

The development of The BISNet Online Employee Benefits System™ began in 1997. BISNet’s first client was an engineering firm with 40 locations throughout 7 states, with multiple plan designs in both core and voluntary products, and with multiple insurance carriers and vendors. BISNet used them as a sounding board and found out about their own internal pain using traditional paper based benefits enrollment processes. The employees of the engineering firm spend their days in the field conducting research on dirt and water, and have limited to no access to the Internet.

The story continues...

As a result of our work with this first client, the BISNet system has a strong administrative solution for those companies that have employees in the field, in the warehouse or manufacturing facility, as well as those that have non-computer literate folks. The BISNet approach is consultative and solutions-oriented for each and every client. BISNet doesn’t force its clients to "fit into a box". Rather our solutions are flexible, taking into account the employer’s data flow and current business processes.

In 1998 and 1999, BISNet began implementations on a number of new clients ranging from Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), high technology companies, including a number of highly recognizable Internet clients, the staffing industry, investment banking industry, engineering firms, law firms, and many more.

BISNet is working with most major insurance carriers, HRIS Systems, Payroll Systems and Third Party Administrators to provide a mirror image of the employer group’s current benefits package with a consultative and customizable approach.

BISNet is broker/consultant friendly and carrier independent. As a value added tool, BISNet is helping employer groups, brokers, agents, consultants, TPAs, and carriers provide their clients and employees with an internet-based platform for Education, Communication, and Information Exchange.

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Technological Advances...

Today, BISNet operates on a highly scalable, cloud based solution with the ability to provide a seamless computing experience to a large user base regardless of their geographical location...

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