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In today’s technology-driven world the question is not whether or not you’re going to use an online HR/benefits system, but when and for how much. Not only will the BISNet Solution© generate substantial savings, this solution will do it more efficiently.

Our state-of-the-art, highly configurable, and “on demand” software will provide you with a higher return on investment than traditional software that requires costly development, customization and installation.

Over half of all U.S. companies with more than 500 employees have already implemented an HR/benefits system with a benefits portal and employee self-service. Companies with 50 to 500 employees are rapidly implementing these systems as well.

Here are the facts...

Consider the wasted time and money spent in manually processing of HR and benefit transactions. According to (news and insight for financial executives), the average cost for your HR staff to manually enroll an employee in benefits is $109.48, the average cost for an employee to enroll via an online HR/benefits system is $21.79 – that’s an 80% savings.

According to a study by “The Cedar Group”, implementation of employee self-service reduces costs by $9.00 per employee per month (pepm) by eliminating manual and paper-intensive processes.

According to Towers Perrin (a professional services firm specializing in human resources and financial services consulting) online employee self-service results in a 15% time savings by HR staff.

Here is a comparison between manual vs. employee self-serve savings, according to

Everyone wins with the BISNet Solution!

The BISNet Solution© provides an easy to use online benefits enrollment and administration system that streamlines your company’s new hire and open enrollment process by delivering a 100% paperless enrollment solution by combining self-service employee and HR portals with call center services. Advisers and employers today must interact with multiple providers to procure, implement, communicate and administer their benefit programs. BISNet provides a significantly more comprehensive solution by integrating these functions and electronically connecting all of the key stakeholders in the business process. This unique self-service tool requires minimal customization or implementation support, providing for lower cost administration and increased efficiency.

Reduced overpayment of insurance premiums and/or claims

• Manual administrative and billing processes can cause a 7% error in premium billing according to Risk & Insurance (2002). • $5 to $15 per employee per month can be saved with accurate insurance premium/claim payments (based on a conservative 1-3% error on annual health and dental premiums of $6,000 per employee).

In conclusion you can expect to save more than $15 per employee, per month by implementing the BISNet Solution©. For further details on how much money BISNet can save you, call 800.366.0812 for a complete ROI analysis.

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