BISNet System & Services Overview

Employee Self-Service (ESS) & HR Self Service (HRSS)

The BISNet Online Employee Benefits System (OEBS) for online employee benefits enrollment, administration and communications is based on Internet, Intranet and Extranet technologies.

The OEBS system eliminates many of the paper and labor-intensive tasks associated with employee benefits and enables employee self-service (ESS) and HR self-service (HRSS) for benefits administration.

Features of the Online Employee Benefits System® (OEBS)

1. Employee self-service (ESS) for employee electronic enrollment and administration of their records as allowed by their employer.
2. HR self-service (HRSS) for administrative use of the OEBS for billing, reconciliation, reporting, approving or declining transactions, managing employee benefit records, etc.
3. Integrates with employee portal.
4. Integrates with HR Portal.
5. Communicates with human resource information systems (HRIS) via electronic interface.
6. Employee benefits details uploaded electronically to employer’s payroll system.
7. Electronic communication of employee and dependent eligibility to carriers and third party administrators (TPA).
8. Custom educational and fulfillment materials available (quoted separately).

Basic Services include:

• Paperless enrollment and administration system
· 24/7 self-service access via web portal
· Call center customer service representatives
· Secure ID/password
· New-hires/open enrollment/qualifying events/customer service
• Access to benefits portals
· Hyper-link on employer website
· Customized login page
• Comprehensive web-based solution for benefit administration configured to fit your needs
· Eligibility/business rules management
· Unapproved changes management
· Management reports
• Electronic Data Interface
· Employer HRIS system
· Employer/vendor payroll system
· Plan insurance carriers/vendors
• System functions include:
· Standard and ad hoc reporting
· Premium cost breakdown and voluntary products volume report
· Benefits workflow management
· Data scrubbing
· Enhanced communication, content and life event system interface
• Optional services:
· Premium billing and Reconciliation services
· BISNet Self Bill
· BISNet Summary Bill
· BISNet Carrier List Bill

Employee Self Service

The employee side of the BISNet products and services allows employees access to corporate benefits information to make informed decisions and enroll in benefits. Once employees have enrolled, they can access their information online anytime anywhere.

BISNet offers live customer service representatives via call center for employees that do not have access to the Internet or have a need to enroll or change data through other means. The administrative staff of the employer, and/or third parties with the proper role based authority, will also have access to address exceptions and modify the enrollment and/or employee data as needed.

Administrative Overview

The administrative side of the BISNet Online Employee Benefits System® allows administrative staff to assist employees with benefit questions, enrollment, and change requests as required.

BISNet also has a billing and reconciliation module that clearly reports all retro adds, terms and changes, creates consolidated bills for multiple entities and breaks the detail down to the carrier, plan and the employee levels. BISNet manages eligibility and sends all of the data through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to the carriers and thirdparty administrators (TPA’s).

BISNet also uploads benefit deductions to the employer’s payroll system (SAP, ADP, Ceridian, PayPlus, ProBusiness, UltiPro and more) and communicates with human resource information systems (HRIS) including: SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, ADP, and others.

BISNet is currently communicating HIPAA compliant ANSI X12, 834 electronic eligibility data to more than 80 carriers. Implementing BISNet’s products and services adds significant value to a companies’ benefits offerings, demonstrates a significant return on investment (ROI), and addresses a number of human resource challenges.

Administrative staff with the proper role based authority can:
• View and edit the employee data
• Assist employees while viewing the same screens
• View the Unapproved Change Report (UCR) changes made by employees
• View employee enrollments and plan participation

BISNet captures all transactions and data modifications on the employee side of the system. Any transactions and data modifications made by employees and/or administrators for an employee are reported first in the “Unapproved Changes Report”, including who made the change, when the changes were made, etc. Once the record is approved, it is transferred to a historical file that is maintained online for a minimum of three years. At that time, the historical information is moved off-line to an acceptable medium and maintained by BISNet and/or provided to the customer.

All of this information is available through standard “holding company” reports. Data regarding plan selection, buy-up life amounts and census data is available 24/7 through adhoc reporting.

Billing and reconciliation reports are available from the administrative system. All transactions submitted through EDI to carriers, vendors, and payroll systems are captured and can be reported, including date and time stamps on each transaction. BISNet’s robust reporting capabilities include standard and ad-hoc reports. Additionally, BISNet provides custom reports on an as needed basis.

The BISNet service provides robust tools through the administrative side of the site in order to manage the employee records and transactions. The following are a few of the major reports that provide broad functionality to benefits administrators:

Unapproved change report (UCR) – the “gatekeeper” report provides the appropriate level of role-based approval control for employee changes. Managers are allowed to approve certain changes prior to their being sent to the carriers. The list of items requiring approval can be custom designed based on a particular client’s needs.
Advanced employee list – allows administrators to sort by and report on the most widely used data elements in the site. It allows mass update and editing capability and can be used to create pending reports. This reporting tool supports the life insurance underwriting approval process. Access to the employee’s transaction history is also available.
Historical report of changes and activities initiated by an employee or an administrator.
Cost breakdown report – provides a listing of premium costs by carrier, itemized for each plan participant. This is a welcome time-saver for benefits managers reconciling the monthly carrier bills.
Billing & Reconciliation – provides all data for standard eligibility, retroactive adds, terms and changes automatically for a specific billing period month over month.
• Reports from the “advanced employee list” and “cost breakdown” can be exported to Excel for additional manipulation of data and the administrators can produce reports as needed.

Employee Access Overview:

Employees have access to decision support tools, demographic and plan information specific to the employee based on their location, class, salary, etc. including:

• Plan documents
• Summary plan descriptions (SPD)
• Pricing for all plan types
• Medical expense, flex 125, 401(k) and life insurance calculators
• Provider directories
• Links to the carrier web sites for additional information
• Access as a new hire, for qualifying life events, and open enrollment
• Call center customer service representatives

Employees can view and edit their demographic information within the guidelines of their employer, view, edit and add dependents and beneficiaries, compare plans and prices, select core, voluntary and retirement benefits and receive a confirmation statement of benefits selected, pre and post tax charges (monthly or by pay period) and employer contributions.

BISNet has content providers that can provide an extensive knowledge base for benefits, wellness, and life event information.

Connectivity with HRIS and Payroll Systems & Services

BISNet currently processes data with Ceridian, PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, ProBusiness, ADP, and many others. We have the ability to communicate through a single or bi-directional data feed depending on the employer’s desired data flow.

BISNet maintains all of the business, carrier and plan rules and sends the electronic data interchange (EDI) files to the carriers and payroll deductions to payroll.

The BISNet technology has the flexibility to provide the infrastructure necessary to support diverse clients’ needs. The BISNet technology system can provide the following solutions:

• Software as a service (SaaS), whereby the BISNet staff will train the employer’s administrative staff on how to use the system to provide all the daily administration functions internally.

• Turn-key benefits administration solution, which will allow the employer to outsource all enrollment, administrations and employee customer service functions. As an example, BISNet can provide information to the employer and/or their advisor and/or third-party administrator for pre-open enrollment communications about plans, online enrollment system, and call center.

Basic processes that BISNet supports for open enrollment:

• Conduct open enrollment kickoff meeting
· Establish open enrollment dates
· Update changes to new plan year
· Carriers
· Plans
· Rates
· Eligibility rules
• Develop communication strategy
• Build new plan year
• Build new interfaces
• Test
• Execute communication plan
• Open new plan year enrollment
• Execute open enrollment
• Close open enrollment
• Cutoff old plan year and initiate communication of new plan year information to the carriers

BISNet has created the database structure and business logic to allow for the creation and use of multiple plan years. In other words, BISNet supports a new hire during open enrollment presenting the employee the current plan year for enrollment and then the next plan year for plan election.

BISNet has developed partnerships to provide a total fulfillment approach to enrollment and administration.

We partner with web-based benefits communication firms that provide rich educational and life events content. Our Partners have produced and delivered extremely successful programs for companies ranging in size from 1,000 to 85,000 employees.

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