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Innovative solutions for significant cost savings.

BISNet can provide the independent expertise needed to assist advisers and their clients in creating and implementing a complete benefits package, focusing on controlling costs while educating the employees as to the value of the overall benefits package.

BISNet's Agency Client Management System™ (ACMS) is a comprehensive benefits administration and enrollment tool for Advisors and Brokerages,allowing them to:

• Manage client (employer) census data
• Enable administrative functionality at the Agency and employer level
• Enable Employee Self-Service for benefits communications, enrollment and life changes

BISNet's ACMS platform enables a benefits agency or brokerage to perform many of their administrative and client management tasks through automation in a single database. ACMS also provides full functionality at the client level for benefits management and employee self-service.

The agency has the power and flexibility to provide eligibility management, billing and reconciliation and other client functions as a service or enabling the employer to manage these tasks through the system for manager self service (MSS) at the client level.

Utilizing proven technology, BISNet provides these services to the Agency as a management tool and an added value for the client to address basic census management, empower your clients to manage their benefits and eligibility and provide employee self-service at special Agency pricing.

BISNet will set up the Agency Holding Company with ACMS including all of the Agencies' carriers and plans that are available to their clients. The clients are set-up as individual employers with their own business rules, benefits rules and level of service.

Agencies and brokers feel the pain their clients experience from double-digit rate increases. One Method for easing the pain is by adding real value to your clients through automation and more efficient ways of managing employee benefits at all levels in the supply chain. From the agency to the employer, employer to the carrier, agency to the carrier and carrier to the agency all interactions can be streamlined.

Competitive advantage for Firms...

• Pricing advantage to agent & client based upon aggregated volume
• Single database for tracking benefits and census data for all agency clients
• Tracking enrollment data
• Eligibility management - files sent by BISNet electronically to carriers & TPA's
• Billing and reconciliation data available for agency and client
• Generating data for quoting and proposal preparation
• Providing a proven, cost effective added value service for your clients
• Provide the necessary level of services by client

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